My first love: Price 401A

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After I had bought a Thracian and a Corinth coin (which has changed hands of a few famous coindealers, but that’s another story) I fell in love with this coin. It is not “very fine” or an extreme scarce type, but this coin immediately took my attention. (If you are a passionate collector you must know what I mean.) My fascination for this type of bronze coins of Alexander the great started with this one!

I still like the high-relief shield on the obverse, however it is smaller then most other coins of this type. The condition of the reverse is only “good” to “very good” but you can clearly see the BA below the helmet. In my experience this place is less common because most times it’s B / helmet / A. The term ‘BA’ stands for BASILEUS ALEXANDROU (“of king Alexander”). Strange as it may seem,  his successors kept using this term on their own coins long after Alexander’s death.

The goldish color of this coin is typical for bronze and very attractive, in my opinion.

Alexander the great, price 401A

Macedonian Kingdom
Alexander The Great
336 – 323 BC
(Price 401A)

Obv.: Macedonian shield; thunderbolt
Rev.: Macedonian helmet; Πo (?) monogram right; BA below

Bronze 1/2 unit

Note: this blog has been moved to

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